Press reviews:



"[A] natural talent" Süddeutsche Zeitung, 31.01.2014



"Ease […], technical brilliance and a pronounced musical empathy" Südostbayerische Rundschau, January 2023



"Johanna Doll experiences the pieces and makes them come alive, always new, always exciting." Münchner Merkur, 24.01.10



"[When] the piano virtuoso Johanna Doll […] sits at the piano, you can feel her love for music." Südostbayerische Rundschau, February 2015



"Johanna Doll, the name of a pianist that one should remember. […] Here is a great pianist of the upcoming generation at work." Münchner Merkur, 01.06.09



"In a class of her own: Johanna Doll" Erdinger Anzeiger, 2005



"[Johanna Doll is a] virtuoso Chopin interpreter […] She doesn't interpret, no, she lives her music." Münchner Merkur, 15.02.2009



"Naturally, she masters the keys of her instrument brilliantly, […] completely immersed in her own sound world." Münchner Merkur, 25.01.2013



"Young and highly gifted! […] With her open and humorous manner, she captivated the entire audience." Südostbayerische Rundschau, February 2016


Music reveals unknown worlds to us - or maybe our own world in a way that might let us marvel at what we are and experience.

 Johanna Doll